use of fused light bulb

  1. use as terrarium – i really love terrariums. they look very cute and beautiful. you can easily make a terrarium out of a lightbulb
see here
2. Christmas ornaments – save your money! you can stick glitter or any other decoration on the light bulb and hang it on the Christmas tree
you can learn to create one by clicking here
3. store small stuffs –  OK there is candy in this bulb but you can store beads, glitters etc. and can even use these stuffed bulbs for decoration
4. ship in a bulb – many of us like ship in bottle but ship in a bulb is really cute.
5. use as a vase– this one is really nice
see the tutorial here
6. oil burner – turn a light bulb into an oil burner with  bottle cap  to seal the top of the bulb
7. Salt + Pepper Shakers –  nice though

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