what to do with old or unused keys ?

i really love vintage keys. but here i’ll talk about usage of old and unused keys

  1. wear it – i love a key pendant. you can either use it in
     necklace –  decorate the key with some bling or paint it, it looks really great and funky
 bracelet– add charm on your bracelet by adding a key
earring –  aren’t they amazing
ring–  yes believe me
2. frame it –  yes as a photo frame.  cheap , vintage and cool
3. hang it– make a key mobile or a wind chime and hang it in your garden. the sound effect is awesome
4. hook ’em up – see below
5. weight–  i mean paper weight
you can  use a single key as a paper weight , or you an attach some heavy thing or you can stack flat keys one on one and glue them altogether and then use them.
there are other uses too.  see below

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