eye lash growth serum

hey everyone!

yesterday, while shopping i saw a girl and i wasn’t able to get my eyes off her eyes. now don’t take me wrong, actually the reason behind this was her beautiful and long eye lashes. mine are small and  thin. i complimented her and asked about her lashes. she told me a secret recipe that i am surely going to try, but before that i want to share something which is about eye lash growth serum. i think nearly every girl have heard about it. i tried one but  it gave me irritation and itching so i threw it away. growth serum suits very less people. i dont really want to use chemicals on my eyes. and i don’t believe these serum works

Some of the commonly reported side effects associated with using eyelash extending serums include, brown pigmentation of the iris (!) itching, redness and general irritation.

Slathering your face in chemicals may not be beneficial to your long term health or beauty.

Most eyelash serums  contain moisturising ingredients which make the lashes shinier and more healthy looking. but for a short period of time.

now the secret recipe

olive oil – 1 tbsp

castor oil – 1 tbsp

and almond oil – 1 tbsp

mix these altogether. keep in a bottle. and every night before sleeping apply with a mascara brush.

see, olive oil has nourishing property and almond as well as castor oil help in growth and thickening.

# if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, dont use


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