cheap and easy lip makeup remover

last night, when i came back home half asleep, i started the process of removing my makeup, i was kinda shocked as my makeup remover bottle was empty. Sigh 😦 ( why was I when i knew it was about to end? ). so now confused i started thinking and came to an idea of removing my makeup with baby oil, that was great, but unfortunately my lipstick was a stay long, long lasting effect type, not easily removed, so i decided (in a very sad mood) to sleep with my lipstick on, but before sleeping i applied vaseline as i do daily at night, and to my surprise my lipstick came off and even my lips were soft and so were the corner of my lips ( i know it s the problem of many). so now i have found the easy  and cheap lipstick remover which is available very easily.

i ❤  it


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