to drink or not to drink

hey everyone! i am in a dilemma at the moment, i am confused and I am sure many of us had been confused about to drink milk or not to drink. I researched on internet about it, the beauty blogs and sites says that one should avoid milk and dairy products coz it tends to breakout of the skin, but on health blogs it is written that one should drink milk to strengthen bones and avoid osteoporosis(is a disease of bones that leads to an increased risk of fracture). well I think I should start to drink milk because you can treat acne but it is not easy to get back the bone density. even doctors say that bones grow up till 35 year so I have years to avoid this problem. what do you think? comment here.


2 thoughts on “to drink or not to drink

  1. Topical antibiotics, for the purpose of removing acne, inhibit growth of bacteria generally being a result of poor hygiene and also the effects of hormones which are due to an inflammatory response of follicular material entering the dermis. Topical antibiotics kill the bacteria and reduce little infections within the pores while keeping the pores open. A number of types of antibiotics could be utilized along with sunscreen and moisturizers as the antibiotics tend to dry out the skin.

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