mustitasking with a teabag

here is what one small teabag can do

1. tea – take a cup of boiling water, add cinnamon stick, one tsp honey( or acc. to your taste) and dip a green  teabag. keep aside one tsp of the green tea dipped water, and drink the rest. this is a relaxing and beautifying tea.

2. face mask-  what you need is

green teabag – 1

fullers earth or kaolin clay – 1 tsp

honey – 1 tsp

lemon juice – 1 tsp

method – Open the tea bag and get the tea leaves out into a small bowl. add all the ingredients together and apply on your face, careful not to apply near your eyes. let it dry for 15-20 min, wash.

3. eye pack– here you need the 1 tsp of green tea that you drank

lemon juice – 1 tsp

honey- 1 tsp

mix all the ingredients and apply over your eye area

# whenever you apply any face pack apply this eye pack, lemon lightens the skin color and  honey keep it moisturized

so here we are with total beauty package. if you like my post comment on it



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