Transform your summer body lotion into winter BL

Hi there everyone! I have been meaning to write this post way before, a long ago i could even remember(ahem.. i got carried away). actually ,  i started  this  transformation thing 2 years ago.  it was very chilly  here, no sign of sun,  the   cold wind made  the skin dry and rough, i dared not to step out of the house, sat in front of my heater all the time, wearing 5-6 layers of warm clothes, drinking hot coffee, and then something happened that change my life (errrr.. i exaggerated)  wow it  sounds like a mystery novel, so  where was I, yes Actually my mom went for shopping (yes my mom can go for shopping anytime, even if the tsunami is coming) and and and omg.. she bought me a summer body lotion ( i mean how could she, she is a woman, doesn’t a woman know that there are different bl for different seasons) well then she refused to go back to the shop and change it  so dishearteningly i began to use the BL, but that wasn’t very effective, so i added few things and viola! it was giving great results.

so here is actually the recipe( for a small batch, one time use)

your summer BL 2 Tbsp

olive oil 1 tsp

vitamin E capsule  3

your favorite essential oil (optional) 4-5 drops (i use lemon oil )

the method is real simple. puncture the vitamin capsule and mix the gel with the BL, add  olive and essential oil, mix you can use chopstick to mix, i used a very important tool, my finger.

this mixture works better than any other bl ( that’s what i feel)

I tried doing the same with Vaseline coco one ( winter BL) it is also great too (fells like body butter) it moisturizes skin very well that you don’t need anything for two to three days.

from this



you can store this  up to 3 weeks easily, even more than that

and yes i also know how to transform the winter Bl to summer BL, which i will write in my next post, till then have fun and do write if you made it and  liked or disliked


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