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Template Name: Contact Us
 $error = "";
 $error .= "<p>Please enter your name</p>";
 $error .= "<p>Please enter a valid email address</p>";
 $error .= "<p>Please enter a message</p>";
 $error .= "<p>Please enter a message</p>";
 $email = wp_mail(get_option("admin_email"),trim($_POST[your_name])." sent you a message from ".get_option("blogname"),stripslashes(trim($_POST[your_message])),"From: ".trim($_POST[your_name])." <".trim($_POST[your_email]).">\r\nReply-To:".trim($_POST[your_email]));
<?php get_header(); ?>
<div id="container">
 <div id="content" role="main">
 <?php if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
 <div id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
 <h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
 <?php if($email){ ?>
 <p><strong>Message succesfully sent. I'll reply as soon as I can</strong></p>
 <?php } else { if($error) { ?>
 <p><strong>Your messange hasn't been sent</strong><p>
 <?php echo $error; ?>
 <?php } else { the_content(); } ?>
 <form action="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" id="contact_me" method="post">
 <input type="hidden" name="sent" id="sent" value="1" />
 <div id="form">
 <div id="lebel">Your Name (required)</div>
 <div id="input-field"><input type="text" name="your_name" id="your_name" value="<?php echo $_POST[your_name];?>" /></div>
 <div id="lebel">Your Email (required)</div>
 <div id="input-field"><input type="text" name="your_email" id="your_email" value="<?php echo $_POST[your_email];?>" /></div>
 <div id="lebel">Subject</div>
 <div id="input-field"><input type="text" name="your_subject" id="your_subject" value="<?php echo $_POST[your_subject];?>" /></div>
 <div id="lebel">Your Message(required)</div>
 <div id="input-field"><textarea name="your_message" id="your_message"><?php echo stripslashes($_POST[your_message]); ?></textarea></div>
 <div id="lebel"> </div>
 <div id="input-field"><input type="submit" name = "send" value = "Send email" /></div>

 <?php } ?>
 </div><!-- .entry-content -->
 </div><!-- #post-## -->
 <?php endwhile; ?>
 </div><!-- #content -->
</div><!-- #container -->
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

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