eye pack for beautiful eyes







Milk is a wonderful beauty ingredient found in every kitchen. The lactic acid commonly found in milk is effective in cleansing the skin, reducing fine lines and removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, no wonder why Cleopatra was a fan of milk bath


this is a simple pack but very effective

chilled milk 1/2 cup

rose water   2 tbsp

cotton ( cut into square shape)

Mix rosewater with milk . dip the cotton into  chilled milk, squeeze out the extra milk then apply it on your eyes for at least 30 min. easy peasy

it lightens the dark circle and refreshes eyes

2 Milk and Honey

another easy mask. we need

milk powder 2 tsp

honey 1 tsp

mix both ingredients and apply under the eyes, very moisturizing, and yes helps to lighten dark circle