An Easy DIY for Instant Radiant Skin

strawberry mask

hello everyone!

     There is no person in this world (yes, men and women both) who doesn’t want a clear, flawless  radiant skin. we are always in constant search for the lotion, potions secret recipes to make skin glow like any model or actress. we buy so many costly products that have so many darn chemicals in them. well don’t worry so much coz i have an easy recipe for this purpose

here are the ingredients required:

 one fresh strawberry

1 tsp baking soda

yep that’s it

now mash the strawberry, add BS and then apply allover your face and neck for 15 min. washing it is the only part which causes trouble coz it sticks to the skin

if you have sensitive skin don’t apply it

whatever left can be used to whiten teeth (yes it is the best method to whiten teeth)

apply this mask not more than 3 times a week